Do you dream about studying overseas in Japan? What type of cultural exchange programs would you like to participate in while you are here? The International Office is always ready to work with you to ensure you find the right program for you. In addition to normal classes offered to all students in Japanese, Yamaguchi Prefectural University offers a special program for students coming to Japan for the first time.

Yamaguchi Abroad is a comprehensive curriculum that includes Japanese language study, courses in the traditional arts of flower arrangement and tea ceremony, courses in English about Japanese culture and society, and four courses that make up our Yamaguchi Studies program. Yamaguchi Studies is a unique collection of four courses covering the history,culture, crafts, and people of Yamaguchi. All courses are taught by our talented and knowledgeable faculty in coordination with local experts and nationally renowned poets, artists, and scholars. Each course features a combination of in-class and on location components, which gets you out of the classroom and literally "into" local culture and history.

If these things sound interesting to you, contact us and we can begin discussing how to get you to Yamaguchi!