Preparing for Studying at YPU


There is a separate handbook that explains how to apply for the Yamaguchi Abroad Program as an exchange student. It can be found at your international office, or below. Once you have been selected as an exchange student, there are a number of documents that must be prepared and sent to us. These are explained in the handbook. Our tuition (approx. 270,000 yen per term) is waived for exchange students. We have different agreements for living arrangements and expenses depending on which university you are coming from. Please consult with your institution regarding the details for each program. As an exchange student, you are required to take at least seven classes or more than 14 credits per semester.

If you are not a student in one of our partner universities, but are thinking of joining our Yamaguchi Abroad Program, you can apply as a short-term international student for one semester or for one year. Please contact us by e-mail regarding fees, living conditions, and application procedures. All procedures must be completed at least one month prior to the beginning to each semester. As a short-term international student, you are required to take at least seven classes or more than 14 credits per semester. Students interested in applying should contact us four to six months in advance of your intended arrival.

You must arrange to arrive at YPU prior to the orientation session given at the beginning of each semester. Obtaining an entry visa to Japan as an international student takes at least one month upon receipt of all application documents. You will receive a provisional visa document via express mail. After receiving that document, you must submit it with your passport to the Japanese consulate nearest you. This entire process takes at least two months. Please apply well in advance of your arrival.


International Activities & Session Dates

Beginning of April Orientation for International Students and Welcome Lunch
  • YPU students join the University Festival of Kyungnam University, Korea
  • Home visit organized by YPU
May to July International students visit local schools
June Home visit organized by Yamaguchi International Exchange Association
July Three-week Japanese Language and Cultural Program for Chinese and Korean Students
August/September Farewell Party for Exchange Students
End of September Orientation for Exchange Students and Welcome Lunch
October to March International Students visit local Schools
  • Kyungnam University Students join Kazuki University Festival
  • Home visit organized by YPU
December Multi-Lingual Speech Contest
January Farewell Party for Exchange Students