2. 英語

Yamaguchi and it's culture

Yamaguchi Prefectural University (YPU) is located in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, in the western part of Japan’s main island between Hiroshima Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture.
Yamaguchi Prefecture has easy access to the main cities of Japan via bullet train, airplane or car. It takes one and half hours by plane or approximately five hours by bullet train from Tokyo to Yamaguchi. It is three hours from Kyoto/Osaka by bullet train. Yamaguchi is connected to Kyushu by a beautiful bridge crossing over the Kamon Straights and is only about half an hour from Fukuoka by bullet train.

Yamaguchi City, with a population of about 130,000, is in the heart of Yamaguchi Prefecture and is the prefectural capital. The nearest airport is Yamaguchi-Ube, about one hour by bus/car from the YPU campus. The nearest bullet train (shinkansen) station is Shin-Yamaguchi, where you can change to a local train for a half-hour ride to Miyano Station, the station nearest the YPU campus.

YPU is a small university originally established by the Prefectural government. It has three faculties, five departments and two postgraduate courses.
Approximately 1,300 students attend YPU. They are taught by 120 full-time teaching staff. The student-taecher ratio is low, and students are able to receive the utmost support from our teaching staff. We attempt to meet every student’s needs, including those of overseas students, though a system of tutoring by both professors and peers. You will find a friendly atmosphere at the university and we hope that Yamaguchi and YPU will become your second home. In fact, many of the overseas students who had attended YPU have come back to Yamaguchi to study further or to work on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (the JET program). We hope you will expand your horizons through through the study abroad program we offer.


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